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Opera is chosen by millions of people all over the world because of its speed, security and array of recommended features. We are constantly adding improvements, both big and small, and we still have a lot of browser updates in the pipeline. But Opera’s web browser isn’t just about efficient features. It’s about a smart and smooth experience online – more speed, more content, more fun.

Opera is a fast, safe web browser for your Android device, featuring a rebooted news feed with video support, a built-in ad blocker and free VPN.

  • Free Built-In VPN: Secure and Private
  • Native Ad Blocker: no more annoying ads and even faster browsing!
  • Entertaining Videos: trending viral videos & short clips.
  • Personalized Breaking News: choose from local languages and regions in India!
  • Fast Downloading and Easy File Management.
  • Easier Payments with Credit Card Autofill.
  • Automatic Text Wrap: comfortable reading on any screen!

    Top features

    Free, unlimited and built-in VPN

    Improve your privacy and security with the built-in and free VPN. Turn on Opera VPN in private mode and your IP address will be replaced with a virtual one to help you avoid unintended location and identification sharing.

    ● Block ads for faster browsing

    Opera’s native ad blocker gets rid of intrusive ads effectively and loads pages faster to streamline your browsing experience.

    ● Personalized news feed with video support

    Powered by our smartest AI news engine, the rebooted news feed lets you swipe through a selection of personalized news channels, subscribe to your favorite topics, find trending videos and watch funny viral clips with great streaming speed.

    ● Entertainment and Sports

    Stay up-to-date with entertainment and sports channels on the Opera newsfeed and get the latest on Bollywood, celebrities and sports stars. We also have a cricket channel to provide you with live updates on both regional and global matches.

    ● Local languages and regional content

    We provide local news channels in your preferred languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Urdu, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. Select your region and get what’s most relevant for you!

    ● Manage downloads easily

    Our download manager makes downloading files easier and faster than ever! You can easily sort and share each downloaded item, delete them from your phone, or remove them from your list of downloads with a quick swipe to the right or left. It even supports background downloading when you have a download running but need to open another application!

    ● Manage passwords and autofill credit cards

    Opt into automatic password saving site by site and safely autofill your payment information for online shopping.

    ● Night mode

    Opera’s night mode provides adjustable lighting options for the most comfortable reading experience in the dark and the least eye strain.

    ● Private browsing

    Use private tabs to go incognito anywhere on the internet without leaving a trace on your device. Easily switch between private and normal browsing in the tab gallery.

    ● Read comfortably on any screen

    The Opera browser includes a text size setting which helps you adjust pages to your reading preferences. More importantly, it works perfectly with the automatic text wrap feature for an unparalleled reading experience.

    ● Home screen shortcuts

    Available on Android versions 7.1 or later, Opera offers fast access from the home screen to search, open a new private tab or scan QR codes. To create your home screen shortcut, long tap the Opera icon on your device’s home screen and tap your desired function.

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